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Nothing ruins a day out like a seized chain or slipping gears. Make sure your bike is fully tuned by the professionals at Impala Bicycles and enjoy a season of non-stop riding.

Impala Bicycles has built a strong reputation for providing high quality service. We understand the importance of a fine-tuned bicycle in order to achieve optimum performance. That’s why we recommend you bring your bicycle to our stores and have one of our professionally trained staff members inspect your bicycle and assist you with making the best decision on which service package is right for your bicycle.

Basic Tune up


This package includes.

check over bike for issues.

adjust brakes. parts not included

adjust gears. parts not included

inflate tires

lube chain

tighten all nuts and bolts

Deluxe tune up.


This package includes:

All of the above package

Clean and degrease drivetrian on bicycle

all labour include for parts installation.

Full Tune Up


This package includes:

Adjustment of brakes and gears

Lubricate chain and all moving parts

Inspect play in all bearings for adjustment

Inspect tires for cuts and glass

Inflate tire to correct pressure

Inspect condition of drivetrain

Inspect the bicycle for problems, or potential problems

Trueing of wheels (wheels removed and trued in stand)

Adjust hubs

Adjust bottom bracket

Adjust all nuts and bolts

Lube cables if necessary

installation of parts not included

Other Services

Custom wheel building

Fork and shock overhauls.

All the other specialty services that your bike will need.

Full overhauls (call for more info)